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Leadership and Life Coaches Impacting
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Empowering Young Men for Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional Growth 
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Skills and Fundamentals
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Servant and Transformational Leadership
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GRAND Texas  Football Camp A Great Sucess

Youth Services Non-Profit 
Lawn Care  -  Landscaping  

Tru God’s Knights’ mission is to be nationally recognized as an organization that empowers the youth to be strong, productive citizens and future leaders.


 TGK Builders Lawncare Services aim to provide longterm 

 solitions to your lawn and landscaping needs. TGK  specializes in extended care for your yards and gardens. Ultimately, we establish life long partnerships with clients and busines through our commitment to excellence!

Grow The Vision

Athletes of TRU GOD'S

TGK -Elite    Members

Tru Gods Knights is Design to help Communities restore and maintain sense of sustainability and growth; while enhancing the social and economical dynamics in society. 

Uplifting the Youth

The youth hold the key to our future. They need opportunities to grow and discover what role they want to play as productive members of society. Tru God’s Knights is a nonprofit organization in Houston, Texas dedicated to providing young community members with a range of programs that will shape them into tomorrow’s leaders.

One of Our ELITE MEMBERS,  Drafted to NFL Congrats!!!

Joshua Bledsoe- Dekaney High  C/O 18"

   “Thank you, Mr. Scott, for working with me all the way from Middle to High School, at the same time; taking me to 7 on 7 practice and college games, and being there for me throughout the hole process.”     Josh Bledsoe 

Classic Title

Our Humble Beginnings

Tru God’s Knights was founded in 2008, when we begin picking up young men in the Summer to train in Spring Texas near Houston at Westfield High School. This was an opportunity to build character and to fellowship with them to discuss manhood development principles. We have more than 20 years of experience in mentoring and grooming the youth. We always have had the passion for supporting the youth and improving their quality of life.


Meet Jayden Hicks

Qb Jaden Hicks started his career at Center High as a sophomore were he threw for 2,000 yards and rushed for nearly 1,000 more. Mr. Hicks started ever since sophomore year as QB, thrown for over 5,000 yards and running 2,000 plus yards, he is a tremendously heady player with a high football IQ.


Most impressive is his work ethic; this young man would get up at 5 AM in the mornings before school to workout with his personal trainer to get that extra edge. Jayden stands about 5'8 and run 4.4; who also excelled CB and Kick Returner. Jayden was also selected 1st Team All State Basketball as Point Guard.


Mission Statement 

Tru God’s Knights’ mission is to be nationally recognized as an organization that empowers youth to be productive citizens and leaders. TGK aim is to enhances the quality of life for individuals by providing education, physical fitness, emotional wellness, and after-school enrichment which fosters love and a value systems.


Tru    God’s  Knights    Builders   llc


Tru God's Knight's Non Profit 501 C3 Organization

Phone: 832.770.5766 Email:

Upcoming Events 

We are hiring driven hardworking youth to work for our Summer Lawncare Service. To teach them job readiness skills.
Please call to apply !



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